Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N in 02, 04, 07, 09 and 10

Point makeup terrifies me. And baffles me. But mostly just terrifies, so for the most part I don't even bother.
While I can hold my own when it comes to base makeup (cushion foundations saved my life, or rather - cushion applicator puffs), the whole liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, contouring, strobing, sculpting bullshit is not for me.
Trust me, I've tried. Multiple times. And I've failed. Multiple times. I just don't look good with a lot of war paint on. Why? My face is extremely asymmetric and it takes a lot of skill to make sure I don't end up looking like a drunken clown. So much skill that even some so-called "pro" makeup artists gave up on me after a few attempts.
So now, I just don't bother.

Yes, I do own a few eyeshadows, all in fairly neutral colors, that I hardly ever use. Instead I have a staggering collection of color eye pencils, because they're easy and don't require makeup brushes.
I have 2 very neutral liquid highlighters, both non-sparkly, because I realized that shiny balls, while pretty and all that, are not for me.
I have 3 undereye concealers, of which I only use 2 anyway.
I have a stack of blushers, because I'm as white as a freshly painted wall and look sick without a touch of color on my cheeks.
And I have a staggering collection of tinted lip balms and lip glosses. But not one lipstick*.
Why? See above - asymmetric face means crooked lips means lipstick emphasizes that means I look like shit.

I'm not going to tell you how many I have, because it's just embarrassing.

Today I'll show you five of them.

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N

And I can only hope I'm not the only person who obsessively saves cosmetic outer packagings, unfolds them and then files them alphabetically in a special folder? Or am I? Help me out here, folks!

If you've ever wondered what a simple sheer lip gloss with a touch of color, in an awesome tube, looks like, now it's your chance.

Jill Stuart knows how to play this game.
Pretty colors? Princess packaging? Shut up and take my money already.

Jill Stuart is a Japanese cosmetic brand that is famous for its... well... packaging. It's over the top girly, it's over the top cute, and it makes your inner princess wet her pants with giddy excitement.

Swarovski elements (whatever they are), tiara shaped tube caps, encrusted blush and powder compacts, Jill Stuart has got you covered.

And the products themselves? They are good. Not outstanding. But solid, decent makeup. Is it worth the money? It all depends on how much you love your princess bling. (Hell yeah, just shut up and buy it already!)

When it comes to lip gloss, or tinted lip balm, with a very few exceptions (yes, Dior, I am looking at you), I prefer Japanese brands.
The formulas are lighter, the textures are less sticky, they spread easier, adhere better to your lips and last longer. Usually they don't have stupid flavors and annoying fragrances.

And in the case of Jill Stuart, they make your inner princess so very happy.

I mean, just look at this stuff:

"I want MOAR!!!" (shut up princess!)

On the company's website, this is what they say about Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N:

Colors like fresh fruit and delicious sweets. 
Lustrous gloss in a wide variety of hues.  
Pouch (Embroidery Flower)  
In stores from August 2, 2013  
New product JILL STUART Jelly Lip Gloss N  
11 colors, 1 limited edition color  
2,200 Yen each (not including tax)  

Product features:  
・Lip gloss that transforms your upper lip into a "Cupid’s Bow", bringing you the aspect of an innocent angel.  
・Spreads easily with the lightest touch, providing a full, rich luster and pure sparkle.  
・Provides highly uniform application, for lips that leave a full, plump impression.  
・A cherubic fresh oil formulation, thoroughly moisturizing by sealing in moisture while also placing no burden on your lips, for a lasting sensation with zero stickiness.  
・The diagonally cut tube allows for easy application on the lips, and perfect coverage.  
・A cap design with a sparkling Swarovski, as though topped with a tiara. The entire cap is also scalloped, giving a three-dimensional presence to the finish of the design.  
・Fragrance of Crystal Floral Bouquet.

You heard them. Now this is what I say about Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N:

  • Innocent angel? Hahaha, nice try, Jill.
  • Spreads easily, full luster, shine all that - all true.
  • Uniform application, plump lip - yep, all true.
  • Moisturizing and non-sticky - yes and yes (well, as non-sticky as you can imagine lip gloss to be).
  • Slanted tube, easy to get the product out - yes.
  • Cute, cute cute - yes, yes, yes.
  • Fragrance - very slight, delicate smell which goes away super fast.

Let's look at them one by one, shall we?

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N in 02 - Light Lavender:

My favorite of the bunch. Goes on nearly clear with just a hint of sparkle. Looks pink in the tube, looks clear on my lips. Perfect everyday all-purpose gloss. Reminds me of Lavshuca BB Lip Essence in pink.

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N in 04 - Honey Lemon:

Looks yellow in the tube, goes clear on your lips. A nice all-purpose moisturizing gloss for everyday use.

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N in 07 - Cherry Flame:

Looks very fierce in the tube, but goes nearly sheer on the lip with just a hint of color. Perfect for the summer. Reminds me of Lavshuca BB Lip Essence in red.

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N in 09 - Apple Cinnamon:

Apple cinnamon? Seriously? It's a nice pinkish all-purpose gloss.

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N in 10 - Treacle Pudding:

Beautiful pink beige, very subtle and dare I say, sophisticated?

On the company website the colors of Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N look like that:


This is what my colors look like in real life:

In natural light, no filters applied.

As you can see, they are all very sheer and not as sparkly as they appear in the tube.

In natural light, when the sun hits them, they are very, very subtle, sweet and extremely delicate.
Light Lavender has the most shimmer. Honey Lemon appears completely clear.

Each tube hold 16ml (15g) of product:

If you buy your gloss outside of Japan, you won't have that ugly sticker on your tube.
Nothing exciting under it anyway:

And here's the applicator tip:

All very standard, nothing earth shattering. Just cute. Very cute.

I don't have full ingredients for you, but if you're not ok with Rosemary extract or Lavender oil, Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N is not for you:

And that's about it for these cute, little guys.

You like?
You want more Jill Stuart on the blog?

There's plenty more where these came from!

Disclosure: Products purchased by me from a local shopping mall.

* The sole liquid lipstick I got from a fellow blogger turned out too drying for my lips, so I mixed it with a clear Verite lip shiner and voila - a new lip gloss, yay!


  1. OOOO pretty....princess packaging!! I've ALWAYS wanted to get my hands on some Jill Stuart stuff, but they don't sell them in Canada. I saw some in the duty free stores while I was in Korea several weeks ago, and now I'm kicking myself for not buying some TT.TT By the way, some really great shots you took for this post! Love it all.

    1. I just buy them for the princess packaging. Seriously. And if it turns out they actually do what they're supposed to do, then it's an added bonus.
      Thank you! It's easy to take pretty photos of pretty things :-)

  2. These are so pretty! I don't use much gloss because I hate the way they are sticky. These I'd buy just to keep on my makeup stand. I am that insane about having my makeup area looking cute and put together.


    1. I find that Asian glosses are not as sticky as their western counterparts.
      And yeah, cute! I'm also all about cute :-)

  3. These are so freaking gorgeous! I might have to give this brand a try some day because I have sworn off lip glosses as they make my lips too sticky and sickly.

    Etude and Claire's eat your heart out! This is so cute!

    1. Etude looks so cheap and tacky next to Jill.
      Try Jill, it's so sheer, and it's more like a lip balm anyway.
      I hate hate hate western glosses. Too sticky!

  4. I LOVE Jill Stuart! The princess packaging speaks to me! XD I skipped on the glosses and only bought a lip blossom, but now you're making me wonder if I made the wrong decision, ha ha. I would love to see more Jill Stuart!

    1. hahaha!!! I have a mad stack of Jill's lip jewels, too. I'll post them next month :-)

  5. bardzo księżniczkowe :)) wyglądają jak błyszczyki dla małych księżniczek :) lekko dziecinne ale słodkie
    najważniejsze, że dobrze się sprawują

    1. Jak zobaczysz na zywo, to wtedy widzisz, ze nie ma w nich nic dziecinnego. Jill Stuart ma ten trick opanowany do perfekcji. I jak zobaczysz na zywo, to nie ma mocnych, musisz kupic :-)

  6. The red one looks really yummy in the tube xD I just want to eat it.

  7. jak dobrze, ze ich nigdy nie widzialam, bo bym zbankrutowala

  8. whaaat that packaging...I'm blushing its so perfect. Thanks for introducing me to this brand.
    also, sharing your asymmetrical face feels :/


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