Thursday, March 23, 2017

POLA Muselle Nocturnal Lip Gloss

I always get asked why I don't post more often about makeup.
The reason is simple. Point makeup does not really interest me. And when something does catch my eye, you will see it either on my Instagram, or Twitter feed. And once in a very blue moon you will see a touch of color here on the blog.

And today is such a blue moon time! Yay!


I suck at describing colors.
I suck at doing makeup.
I suck at taking makeup swatch photos.

With that out of the way, we can get this party started.

Last year when I got a new job, I wanted to treat myself to something special. I went to Fukudaya, sat down at the POLA counter and started to look at their very compact and modest point makeup collection.

I picked POLA specifically for this very reason. When you only have 5 lipsticks and 3 lip glosses to choose from, instead of 15 or 20, choosing is easy. With more choices I would have never been able to make up my mind.

And despite that slim collection I still couldn't decide. I wanted a lipstick. Why? Because I didn't own any at that time. Yes, this is not a joke. I did not own a single lipstick last year.

Choosing was still hard, and instead of a lipstick, I left that day with two lip glosses. Of which one was clear. So that technically makes it just one proper lip gloss, right? Right?

Lip gloss is color makeup for dummies. You swipe, you swipe again if needed, and you are done. I'm obsessed with lip gloss. It's easy, it's convenient, it's foolproof.

I'm talking about Asian lip gloss here. The magically non-sticky kind that does not feel like a layer of cake frosting on your lips. Western lip gloss is just hideous. Sorry. But it is. That shit should be burned, banned and banished, in no particular order. Yes, even the high end stuff. Nuff said.

Anyway, what was I talking about?

Ah yes, POLA.

The name sounds oddly comforting when transcribed in English. Pola Corporation is one of the largest beauty companies in Japan. It was founded in 1929, it's currently headquartered in Tokyo, and its focus is on research and development. Pola does everything, from makeup to skincare to supplements. In 2012 Pola bought Jurlique, so yes, now Jurlique is technically an Asian brand. Pola also owns H2O, which is an American skincare, hair and body brand.

Pola is also home to several Japanese brands, such as Orbis, Three, pdc, and a couple of others. And oh yeah, in Japan Orlane is owned by Pola.

The name of the brand is variously written as Pola, or POLA.  I kind of like how it looks in all caps.
Last year Pola, along with Kose, posted the biggest profit of all Japanese cosmetic giants.

But enough of this boring shit.

Pola Muselle Nocturnal line was launched in 2014. It was intended as a simple, no-fuss line for women in their 30s and 40s. Like me! Yay! The "Nocturnal" font looks like a carbon copy of "Addiction" (by Ayako) and you may be excused for thinking that these two brands are related. They are not. Addiction by Ayako is owned by Kose.

The berry colors collection debuted in the fall of 2015 and was an immediate hit. All the items today come from the berry colors line.

In 2016 Pola added nail polish to the Muselle Nocturnal lineup and the lemming in me immediately went out and bought a couple of colors. But that's for another post. Back to the lip stuff.

So yes...
This Pola Muselle Nocturnal Lip Gloss. There are three colors available:
  • RE01
  • BE01
  • CL01

Here you can see BE01 and CL01 (that's the clear one).

How can I describe them in one word? Menthol. Ohmyfrakinggod, menthol. Yet oddly enough, the lipgloss is not drying. In fact, during summer months, it's quite soothing and comforting.

POLA Muselle Nocturnal Lip Gloss ingredients, if you need them:

See? Bless their hearts, POLA prints them both in Japanese AND in English.

The clear gloss makes an excellent base for other colors. The beige one lasts a decent amount of time, about 3 or 4 hours, if you don't eat. When it disappears, it vanishes very uniformly and leaves a pleasant hint of color on the lips. I like it.

It did not top my favorite KohGenDo, or even Dior (the only western gloss worth owning), but it's a very good department store gloss. Some may say it's excellent even. And if I wasn't a gloss snob, I'd probably say it as well. And I'd definitely say it if it had been formulated without menthol. As it is, points off for that.

See? Choosing out of three available colors is easy. I would have gotten the red one as well, but it just wasn't my shade at all.

What else do you want to know?
The price? 3000 yen plus tax.

It's a freaking lip gloss. It works just like a lip gloss would.

No rocket science here.

Pola Muselle Nocturnal Lip Gloss swatches:

Top: BE01, bottom: CL01.

To be continued....


  1. To istnieją błyszczyki, które nie przylepiają do ust wszystkiego wokół?

  2. Nawet Sisley i Guerlain'a tez nie lubisz?
    Nigdy nie uzywalam blyszczykow, po jednym klejacym sie Bourjois zrezygnowalam. W dodatku ciezko go bylo nalozyc, smugi robil, a japol dnia przed lustrem nie chcialam sleczec. Wole pomadki, uwielbiam grube kredki Phyto twist Sisleya. Latwe i przyjemne w uzyciu.
    Ale jakis czas temu naszlo mnie i kupilam, teraz w sumie mam 4: Sisley, Chanel, Guerlain i Estée Lauder. Te akurat sie nie kleja, no ale jak wieje to uzywam pomadki, bo wlosy sie przyklejaja ;)))

    1. Od Guerlaina odrzuca mnie zapach. Sisley nie probowalam. Bez macania nie chce kupowac, a u nas na wsi nie ma. Sisley mam tylko do oczu. Jest w porzadku, ale tylka nie urywa. Chyba wole ich pielegnacje :-)

      Jak bede przy okazji w Tokio, to poszukam stoiska i pomacam rzeczy do ust.


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