Sunday, March 6, 2016

Shu Uemura blanc:chroma brightening UV cushion foundation

And yet another L'Oreal brand releases a cushion foundation compact that should have never seen the light of day.

And basically, that could be the end of this review, because you already know everything you need to know about the brand new Shu Uemura Blanc:Chroma Brightening UV SPF50+ PA+++ cushion foundation. Or perhaps blanc:chroma, as it says on the package.

 The oil was a freebie.

Paid and sponsored shills will tell you how great this Blanc:Chroma (a.k.a. blanc:chroma) is.
Luckily for you, I'm neither paid nor sponsored.
And luckily for you, I am actually a huge Shu Uemura fan girl (and an Utowa fan girl, too, if any Shu folks are reading this). Because I have this giant soft spot in my heart for all things Shu, I'll go as easy in this review as humanely possible.

So, let's be gentle now and say it as kindly as possible - this cushion is absolute shit. Rubbish. Garbage.
And trust me, that's a huge, fat understatement. Actually, I didn't think it was even possible, but it's a step down from the Lancome Miracle Cushion ver 1.0 (a.k.a. Lancome Blanc Expert, as it was called in Asia, ver 1.0).
At least those cushions were, you know... cushions.

But let's start at the beginning...

Rumors about a Shu Uemura cushion foundation had been going on for over a year. And despite Shu being, just like Lancome, a L'Oreal brand (and we all know how those cushions ended up), I was excited like a chihuahua high on Red Bull and acid when the actual release date was announced.

On Friday, February 26th, I got in the car and drove through the woods on winding mountain roads to the only Shu counter on the outer reaches of northern Kanto. I even managed to find a parking space close to the entrance to the mall. I took it as a good omen.

The Shu Uemura counter was moderately crowded, which gave me time to saunter over to Dior to play with their new cushion foundation, incidentally, released on the same day (more about it later). It's raining cushions, you people! A few years too late, but losers can't be choosers.

Back over at the Shu place, a friendly SA didn't even bat an eye when I asked to swatch ALL the available blanc:chroma cushion foundation shades. The closest, though still far from ideal, match for me turned out to be number 584 (fair sand).

And so with my Shu Uemura members' card in hand, I asked for a set. Because you see, as always in Japan, this kind of shit is sold here piecemeal. You buy everything separately - a case, a refill, and because Shu Uemura brought it to a new low - an applicator puff. A heartfelt f*ck you to whoever thought of this idea. The SA wanted to assemble my new cushion, but once I showed her the cushions in my purse (had an Iope and an AP cushion with me that day), she decided that I was suitably experienced to take my new Shu Uemura cushion home still all wrapped up, shiny and new.

If this is the first time you are hearing about cushion foundations, please click on the "cushion foundation" tab in the top menu and start there.
Basically, it's a sponge saturated in foundation and housed in a special compact. You press on the sponge with an applicator and pat it gently onto your face. This method of application is what makes cushion foundations so popular and trendy, because it creates a flawless, photoshopped look.

OK, back to Shu Uemura blanc:chroma brightening UV cushion foundation.

So, what do we have here?

Purple (lilac? violet?) boxes.
Inside there is an ever so slightly off-white purplish cushion compact.

The foundation is labeled as SPF 50+/PA+++, but please for the love of everything that is dear, do not rely on makeup as your sole source of UV protection. Don't listen to people who tell you that makeup with SPF is enough, that you don't need a separate sunblock/ sunscreen. They are blabbering idiots.

Shu says that it's a high cover foundation (think a crappy version of Estee Lauder Double Wear - I say that, not Shu, of course) that is supposed to brighten, have superior staying power, feel invisible on the skin and offer a flawless finish. Basically, your standard base makeup promises.

I can't be arsed to retype the PR bullshit, so here it is from the website verbatim:

And some more:

Screenshots taken from Shu Uemura's Malaysian website (because it's in English).
You can read all the PR spin here - click.

The compact case is identical to the Lancome cushion case, and they are mutually interchangeable. That means that a Shu refill will also fit into a Banila Co and A-True cushion cases.

Now, the question is whether or not you'd want to fit that refill anywhere other than a trash can... We shall see...

There is no leaflet in the box. That actually made me happy. Because it's eco-friendly. But that actually made me unhappy. Because if I am going to pay that much money for something, it better have all the bells and whistles, or paper leaflets, of a high-end brand.
Here, all relevant information is printed on the box.

The shade number is printed on the box only, but not on the foil packaging. Very confusing. And very cheap. And not nice at all. Imagine you have two different refills out of their boxes. You're shit out of luck.

You gotta open the refill packet to make sure you got the right color.
Refills are pretty standard 13 grams. Nothing special here.

And finally here you have the color number. It matches what's printed on the box. Hallelujah!
As you can see, this cushion is made in Korea.

The refill was a ridiculously tight fit into the compact. I don't know if all of them are like that, but mine was. Oddly enough, it fit into the Lancome compact quite easily. That leads me to believe that Shu compacts might run a bit tight indeed. Or are simply shoddily made. Somehow it wouldn't surprise me.

And here it gets all funky.

First, the puff.

Holymotherofbatman! What is it?
It's a normal pressed powder puff. A fuzzy little thing.

It's not a cushion puff!!!
I tried using this... this... thing to apply the foundation, and with absolutely zero surprise to no one, it didn't really work. The SA must have known it as well, because they didn't even bother with this abomination and used good ole triangle sponges.

The ironic thing is that one of the expert Shu people (Yuji Asano, international chief make-up artist / product designer) says this:

“I wanted to create an application puff which delivers visible coverage and beautiful natural radiance that are achievable for every woman effortlessly and without special technique.”

Yuji darling, you say you created a powder puff? Really? You mean, you got the brilliant idea to make it light purple perhaps?
Sweetcheeks, if fuzzy powder puffs were so awesome for cushions and natural radiance, then the good folks over at Amore Pacific (who invented the damn cushion thing in the first place) would be falling over each other to stick fuzzy powder puffs into their award winning cushion pacts.

Dear Yuji, you can spin it any way you want, but it's still a turd. Using this puff you will not achieve a "cushion" effect on your face.
I tossed it into my makeup drawer (briefly considered giving it to my cat to play with) and replaced it with a Rubycell puff (bought a bunch of those way back).

So, with the puff out of the way, we can finally open the refill lid.

Holymotherofbatman! What is this thing?

There is no sticker protecting the "cushion" surface. The "cushion" surface is white. The foundation sits deep in the bowels of the refill pot. Reminded me of a brand new A-True cushion. They also used to come out white. But, but... A-True was an actual cushion.

This thing here? Not so much.

The surface of the whatever-it-is is protected by a net.

You can see it better once you press on it to dispense some foundation.
The new Lancome cover type cushion, the one with SPF 50+ is also a net-type cushion.

What's under that net? Hmmm... Inquiring minds want to know.

With a box cutter I gently pried the net from under the refill's rim. I had to know what was in there. As a kid I used to saw AA batteries in half to see what was inside. I guess I never quite grew out of that phase of my life.

So, there it is. The innards of Shu Uemura blanc:chroma brightening UV cushion.

There is no sponge inside. Just this glass wool-like material that made me think of wall insulation.

Image: wikipedia

As a cost-cutting measure it was a brilliant move. Why invest in a high quality sponge (I guess I wasn't the only one who complained about the too porous Lancome cushion sponges, better fit for moistening stamps at the post office than for use in a cushion compact), if you can get rid of the sponge altogether? Winning!!!

I was able to push the netting back under the edge of the refill, so the cushion remained usable.

I dug around the net a bit and saw that Shu claims that this "new innovative cushion mechanism" (a.k.a. this wall filler thingy) is called "non-woven fiber matrix".
Non-woven fiber matrix is a fancy name for fiberglass. Fiberglass is a fancy name for... yep, you guessed it, glass wool!
I'm a f*cking genius! I know my wall insulation like a proper architect's daughter that I am.

Interested in the ingredients? Here they are (printed on the box).

Shu Uemura blanc:chroma brightening UV cushion foundation ingredients:

Denatured alcohol as the fourth ingredient. Wow! I'm impressed. It takes a special talent to release a product so mediocre and charge this kind of money for it.
And yes, I know, it takes a special kind of dumb to actually buy it. Guilty as charged.

Shu Uemura blanc:chroma brightening UV cushion comes in 6 shades.
Colors starting with "7" are yellow-toned. Colors starting with "5" are pink-toned.

Here, I swatched all of them for you, because I'm awesome like that.

Artificial light, no filters applied.
Number 764 is listed as "standard shade" on Shu's website.

I bought number 584 (a.k.a. fair sand). It looks very light next to other Shu Uemura blanc:chroma cushion shades. But, but...

Here is how it swatched next to Iope N21 cushion and MAC NW10 and NC15.

Natural light, no filters applied.

And here they are all blended:

Despite the less than ideal color, I decided to give this cushion a chance.
I wore it for 9 days. I was planning 2 weeks, but my skin needs a break. So I am going to stop now.

First impressions:

  • - pretty heavy cover
  • - this stuff is virtually waterproof! The SA tried to remove the store swatches using one of Shu oils and a makeup remover. That night I took a bath. The next morning I took a shower. There were STILL remnants of the swatches on my arm. 
  • - the formula is very drying. Let me repeat it - very drying. 
  • - because the formula is very drying, it is not suitable for dry skin.
  • - it doesn't visibly oxidize, the color stays true through the day.
  • - it lasts, and lasts, and lasts.
  • - it emphasized fine lines, pores and dry patches.
  • - it needed to be used with a primer.
  • - it kills the thin and sensitive skin under the eyes. 
  • - ugh
  • - it breaks me out. Not huge big zits, but rather closed comedones everywhere. An explosion of closed comedones. My skin was smooth and fine in the morning and covered in small white bumps in the evening. 
  • - no dewy effect
  • - no glow
  • - just a normal nearly matte finish. 
  • - the applicator that came with the cushion is a joke.

Unedited photo, natural light.

Products used:
- KohGenDo base (pearl)
- Shu Uemura blanc:chroma brightening UV cushion in 584
- KohGenDo Illuminator (white)
- Anna Sui highlighter
- Majolica Majorca cream de cheek blush (coral cream)
- Shu Uemura drawing crayons (orange and lilac)
- Shu Uemura drawing pencils (gold and brown)
- Dior It-Lash mascara
- Shu Uemura Lip Lacquer in BG02 and CR01

I can only get away with this cushion while wearing a turtleneck.
Because of the cover you can't really see the comedones on my forehead, but they are there, trust me.

Who would be happy with this cushion?
Hmmm... someone who needs more cover than what Korean cushions can provide. Someone who doesn't like dewy. Someone who doesn't have dry skin and a lot of wrinkles. Someone who is not sensitive to alcohol.

In other words - this is a very western foundation packed into a quasi-cushion form.
I should have sat this one out. That'll teach me.

How much:
  • refill - 4200 yen plus tax
  • case - 1300 yen plus tax
  • puff (yes, they charge you extra for this piece of shit puff) - 500 yen plus tax

From now on, I'll stick to Shu Uemura point makeup. Now, that stuff is definitely worth buying.


  1. Wnętrze tej poduszki jest po prostu straszne!
    Ja otworzyłam w lutym wkład IOPE i nosi mi się go o wiele lepiej niż w zeszłym roku. Nie powiem, post o poduszce AP był kuszący ale na razie odpuszczam zakup poduszek i normalnych podkładów:)

    1. Ja tez powinnam odpuscic sobie kupowanie czegokolwiek. Ale ciekawosc zazwyczaj zwycieza.
      Poduszki potrzebuja troche czasu, zeby sie z nimi oswoic. Potem sa calkiem calkiem.
      Choc przyznam sie, ze ostatnio wracam do plynnych podkladow.

    2. Po czytaniu twego bloga zrobiłam kilka podejść do poduszek. Fajna rzecz, tylko nie dla takiego "scrooge'а" jak ja. Żal mi tego wszystkiego co za chiny nie jestem w stanie z tej poduszki docisnąć. I to dla mnie faktycznie praktycznie jedyny mankament jakościowych poduszek. Jestem więc bardzo ciekawa do jakich płynów powracasz. Natomiast napisałaś "Who would be happy with this cushion?...Someone... ets." Teraz właśnie miałam podróż do USA i wzięłam ze sobą próbki wysokopółkowych "western foundation," które podostawałam przy okazji różnych zakupów. W tym tak zwanych zachodnich ... Matko jedyna.... też zaczęłam się zastanawiać i kto w ogóle coś takiego może tylko chcieć? Skóry nie widać, przy każdym dotyku czuć warstwę czegoś nienaturalnego na skórze, wygląd tych czegosiów, co miały wyglądać jak skóra jest jakij kolwiek tylko nie jak skóry, ciągle odczucie czegoś obcego na twarzy... I rzeczywiście kto by tego mógł chcieć? – chyba tylko ten, kto nie wypróbował wschodnich lekkich i niezobowiązujących, które człowiek nakłada, po czym o nich zapomina i cieszy się myślą, że to właściwie on sam tak piknie wygląda i takim się urodził.
      Czy tak czy siak zamierzam (wbrew memu scrooge'owaniu) wypróbować a–true poduchę. Zobaczymy... może efekt będzie aż tak porażający, że przestanie mi serducho boleć z powodu straconych kropli produktu.

    3. Ja również posiadam kilka podkładów w poduszkach, są rewelacyjne, ale stwierdziłam, że z podkładami można bardziej pokombinować. Gdy potrzebuję zrobić makijaż szybko, nie martwiąc się o to, że będzie źle wyglądał to celuję w poduchy, kiedy chcę się pobawić(np dodając do podkładu olejek, mieszając go z kremem lub rozświetlającą bazą) to używam typowych podkładów.
      Dodam, że również nie przepadam za szpachlą, która idealnie wyrównuje koloryt skóry + uwielbiam efekt dewy :) U mnie idealnie sprawdza się podkład YSL Touche Eclat(stara wersja) oraz Clarins Extra Firming. Czaję się teraz jeszcze na MAC Face and Body, bo słyszałam, że ma bardzo lekkie krycie i piękne wykończenie.

  2. I love this review... Straight to the point blunt honesty that Poles do so well

    And thank you for saving my bank balance from this piece of shit

    1. Thanks!
      I think I am even more blunt than a normal Pole.
      You know, this might not be a bad cushion for someone who has oily skin and needs lots of coverage.

  3. At first, it looks interesting but as you talk about it...i think I will have to pass. especially when i saw the ingredients with alcohol. Its a no, no for me.

    1. You know, usually I don't mind alcohol in my products. But when it's the fourth ingredient in a rather pricey product, then I do mind. If I wanted that in my cushion, I'd slosh some booze into it myself.

  4. Hi -this review was refreshing and gave me a good giggle on a Monday morning!! Firstly, because all reviews these days seem paid for advertisements and secondly well written !!

    1. Thank you!
      It was super sad to see that bloggers that I used to look up to and respect have become paid shills recently. They love this cushion, of course.
      I understand the appeal of being a fancy blogger who gets fancy PR samples, heck I'd do it myself, but pity the poor brand that would take a risk on me, LOL. Still it's sad to see how fast and how cheaply some people are willing to sell out.

  5. Wow, Your review is so completely opposite of another review I've read, I thought it was for a completely different product! MakeupBox said it was super dewy and bad for Oily skin.

    Can you explain why sponges are better than using fiberglass? I figured the netting and absorbency of it would hold the foundation better and prevent drying. I apologize for my ignorance, thank you for the review!

    1. The whole point of a cushion is that it allows for a very thin, even application of very thin product for a "my skin but better" look.
      Sponge is a great medium to hold a very thin liquid. Fiberglass is not. Get a chunk of glass wool wet and see what happens.
      So that means that if you see a fiberglass cushion that means the product inside is not thin. And it makes perfect sense, because both Shu and Lancome SPF50 cushions claim to be "cover" cushions.
      But what's the point of packing a thick liquid into a cushion? That kind of defies the whole point of cushion makeup to begin with.
      Thicker liquid is harder to dispense evenly, so that explains the need for the mesh cover.
      But you know what? If I wanted normal, thick foundation for a normal, thick high cover look, I'd get a bottle or a tube of something. It's bigger (volume-wise), more cost-efficient, and better formulated.
      With Shu and the new Lancome cushion we're paying solely for the novelty factor.

      Now, is it dewy?
      Yes, it is. In the same way that cake batter is dewy. But spread a thin layer of cake batter on something and wait a couple of minutes. This is exactly what happens with this foundation.
      The problem is that all the PR materials say it's dewy, so good bloggers, not wanting to cross the sponsors, dutifully repeat that it's dewy.

  6. Im also a Shu fan.. Bought one and totally regret it TT
    Prefer lightbulb compact than this sh**.

    1. The thing is, this is not a bad foundation in itself. Just not right for this delivery method.

  7. Wow,bardzo przydatna recenzja... Poduszka jak z najgorszych koszmarów... zostanę przy kremach BB w tubkach... Nice review!

  8. Hilarious review! Helpful, too. Thanks for taking a cushion--I mean bullet--for the rest of us.

  9. Ja tak a propos zdjęcia - podpisałaś pakt z diabłem, czy to zasługa japońsko-koreańskiej pielęgnacji, czy może geny ????? Jeśli to pierwsze, to proszę daj namiary, ja co prawda kilka lat starsza od Ciebie, ale jak odpowiednio "zapłacę" - to może i mnie się coś dostanie ( nie będę się specjalnie targować - podpiszę co mi Mefisto podsunie!) - powyższe oznacza, że wyglądasz znakomicie !!!! - pozdrawiam z rubieży Rzeczypospolitej - Ewa.

  10. I love the cushion from shu uemura.

  11. I've been using this too for a few months, honestly it has made me have alot of breakouts and although i do enjoy the coverage it provides its not exactly healthy for my skin :( such a shame cause i really thought this would be great too.

  12. Hi there,

    I'd like to buy the Skin:fit foundation, and since there's no way to buy Shu Uemura in stores in Belgium, thought about buying it online. But I'm quite scared to be left with yet another foundation that's too dark and useless. I'm a MAC nw13, do you think 584 could be a match? Is it actually darker than your NC15? I'm not sure, just looking at the picture above. Thanks for the help!

    1. Hi Elisa,
      yes, it will be too dark.
      I don't think Shu has anything that goes into the MAC nw13 or nw10 category.

  13. I totally agree with your comment especially on the one that it enchances pores and fine lines. It is not a cheap product and I don't want to throw it away so I am using a brush to apply it on my nose and cheek where my pores are more visible. It seems to help but I definitelly would not recommend this product.

    Have you thought about reviewing cushion foundation from Lirikos? Since you have done a few brand under Amore Pacific. I have seen some good review from some bloggers.

    1. Hi Viny,
      I was thinking about the Lirikos cushion, but unfortunately, the lightest shade is much too dark for me.

    2. I went to Seoul in Sep and bought Lirikos Marine UV Water cushion. I am surprise that even though I bought the lighest colour N21, it is still a bit dark for my skin. As you know, Korean makeup tends to be on the pale side.

    3. Hi Viny,
      Yeah, Lirikos is quite dark. But I must disagree that Korean makeup tends to be on the pale side. It's paler than Japanese makeup, but still quite dark. Usually the lightest shades are around NC15 - 20.

  14. Thanks for sharing! I was tempted to buy it because of the new compact case (murakami collab). The case was so cute but didn't know which color would be a good match for me. I came across your review.. and I'm so glad I did!! I don't need anymore cushion foundations.. especially bad ones haha.
    thanks again!

  15. you wrote this stuff is worth buying. so is it good or bad? Rate please out of 5*****

    1. I showed its good and bad points, you can decide for yourself if it's worth buying.

      My highly subjective rating will be useless for anyone who is not me.

  16. I actually was given the case not the foundation as a gift and I'm trying to figure out which brands of refills will fit the case I was going to buy the shu uemura cushion refill but after your review and looking at the price I figured it was not worth it so does anyone know which other refills I can but in the case? Thanks


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