Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kate Tokyo CC Lip Cream

It's no secret that I'm not a great fan of Kate Tokyo, a.k.a. Tokyo Kate, a.k.a. Kate Kanebo, or whatever else you want to call it.

Their eye products are the pits, and it surprises me to no end that they tend to get high marks amongst the users of @Cosme (a very influential Japanese beauty portal). But that just proves that Japanese women have the worst possible taste when it comes to mascaras, that's all.

When the CC Lip Cream thingie debuted last year I was very careful to avoid it. Yet those damn tubes were everywhere. Literally everywhere. And always featured very prominently.

The fact that there were never any testers available was the first giant giveaway that the entire campaign was pure bullshit. Why? Because the products hint very heavily that they are more than just lowly lip balms. The spinmasters at Kanebo want us to believe that Kate Tokyo CC Lip Cream is a step, or two, or three, above lowly lip balm. That it's "natural makeup".

But, with no testers we either have to believe the promo machine, or embrace our inner skeptical b*tch, like I tend to do. Because what other products don't usually offer testers? Yep, lip balms.

So yeah, we have lip balms with a touch of color. Not even lip glosses. Just your plain, old, garden variety tinted lip balms.

With a fancy name like CC Lip Cream they want to pretend they are new and cool and oh-so-hip and exciting.

Kanebo claims there are two types of Kate Tokyo CC Lip Cream:

  • lip stain (01- Beat Red, 04 - Orange Burst), and
  • lip color enhancer (05 - Pink Trick, 06 - Mode Pink).

As you can see I have all four, and honestly, I couldn't see any difference in performance between them. It's just a freakin' tinted lip balm, for chrissakes!

It's a decent tinted lip balm, but not without faults. And the biggest of those faults?
When it's freezing outside and your lips are cold this thing turns into a layer of goo that looks OK when your lips are closed. But when you open your mouth? Boy, oh boy...
You end up looking like you're frothing at the mouth. The sticky white demarcation line is clearly visible.

A minor fault would be the incredibly cheap and malfunction-prone tube.

But hey, for less than 400 yen (and these are always on sale), you can't really complain too much.

Here are the swatches of Kate Tokyo CC Lip Creams in all the colors:

See? I told you! Tinted lip balm.

According to the Kate Tokyo (no more rules) website, these CC Lip Creams are 5-in-1 products.
Here, I screenshot it for you (yes, I'm lazy):

The most interesting part is that they are:

  • SPF 19 PA++, and 
  • can be used as makeup base.

Other lofty claims:

  • Moisturizing? Yeah, they are OK. Nothing special. DHC Lip Cream it ain't, that's for sure.
  • Long lasting? You gotta be kidding, right?
  • Color correction? They do offer a touch of color, but that's about it. I suppose the full effect depends on the natural color of your lips.
  • Lip gloss (for shades 01 and 04)? Surely, you can't be serious! 

So yeah, it's a lip balm. A sheer lip balm with a hint of color.
A lip balm enhanced with olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and sodium hyaluronate.

An OK lip balm, especially for warmer weather.
On cold days you risk looking like you didn't wipe off your mouth after a vigorous blowjob session. Consider yourself warned.


  1. Ja mam takiego Lip Balma z Diora i bardzo go lubię, dobrze chroni usta i ma cos takiego w sobie, co powoduje, ze moje usta nabieraja ladnego, lekko rozowego koloru. Myslalam, zeby sobie kupic jeszcze jakis inny, a Ty przyszłas z tym postem :) chociaz jak piszesz, ze te sa slabe, to moze w jakis inny bede celowac:)

    1. Ten tutaj nie jest kompletnie do bani. Na lato i wiosne bedzie w sam raz. Kolo Diora chodzilam, ale nie kupilam, bo mam az za duzo rzeczy do ust w tej chwili. Dobrze, ze schodza mi one szybko!
      Gdyby DHC zechcial robic kolorowy lip balm to bralabym hurtowo. Ale DHC to moj ustowo balmowy ulubieniec, wiec to nieco inna bajka.
      Odpisze Ci dzis wieczorem :-)

  2. Omg I laughed when I read your last sentence 😂 appreciate your humor ) they really look like regular lip balms (low quality), I'm not surprised they advertise them as some kind of CC cream lip product but why do customers buy into it,...? It's to much... But well they are cheap so that might explain it

    1. Yep, they're cheap. That's their main selling point. As you can see it worked on me like a charm.
      Oh, I'm such a lemming.

  3. Not CC Cream or anything, but my favorite Asian lip balm is Yu-Be Lip Therapy. I've actually found it does make a difference with how smooth and moisturized my lips are, and I don't feel like I have to reapply constantly like I do with other balms.

    1. Yu-Be Lip Therapy, if I remember correctly, is actually made in the US.
      It's an American knock off (and with a different ingredient list, too) of Yuskin.
      Yuskin's lip balm is OK, but very heavy on menthol and with prolonged use it will actually dry out your lips.
      Menthol in lip balms provides a superficial feeling of coolness and moisture. But yeah, in reality, it's going to dry the hell out of your lips. Hence the need for more lip balm. And the sales go up.

      The state of my lips actually improved when I stopped using Yuskin.
      Let's hope that the American formula of Yu-Be is better.

  4. OOOOHHH!!! I did pick up a DHC Lip Balm without hesitation! All my hauls are still in the sealed plastic bags. Why do they do that? I'm still afraid to use any in case I fall in love with them. If only I had the same discipline with texting. ugh.


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