Thursday, October 22, 2015

October Korean Glossybox - A-True and Innisfree

After the amazing September box, the Korean Glossybox that arrived in October is just bleh and meh.

I suppose I'd feel a bit more enthusiastic about it, if it had something else in it than A-True.
I know A-True very well. I like A-True very much. I have loads of A-True at home.
But the A-True that can be found in this month's Korean Glossybox is less than awesome.

We got three tiny bottles (20 ml each). Two of them are A-True Sweet Song Black Tea One-Step Cleansing Water (CosDNA ingredient analysis here) and one is A-True Vanilla Black Tea Day Relief Body Wash (CosDNA ingredient analysis here).

The cheapest throw-away selection one could come up with.

This cleansing water is A-True's weakest point. While not completely awful, and certainly serviceable, it is, nevertheless, probably the most disappointing product that A-True has to offer. A cleansing water that doesn't really want to cleanse much of anything, but instead burns my eyes and makes my skin feel dry and irritated is going to end up in the waste basket. Though I guess, since it came in a cute bag, I suppose I could push it onto one of my friends. Most of them have rhino skin and few skincare products bother them at all.

I'm not a fan of Bio-Oil or Thayers, so those products have zero appeal to me. I can use them up, on body parts other than my face, so while they are not completely wasted, it’s disappointing to see them in the box.

There were two Thayers in the box, both 50ml and both labeled as Aloe Vera Formula. One - Rose Petal Toner, and the other - Lavender Toner.

Nivea lip balm is always good. I'm not complaining here at all. My lips are so dry in winter that I go through a tube of lip balm a week, it seems.

While this balm looks very vibrant in the tube, it actually goes on nearly clear when applied. The fake peachy smell is the only thing that can be annoying. And yes, it does annoy me. Still, I've had worse. 

And now for the biggest disappointment ever.

Innisfree Ginger Oil Warming Mask…

It's a mini size version, only a 30 ml tube as opposed to 80 grams in a full size jar. The ginger line is a new release from Innisfree that hit the shelves just last month.

It includes serum, cream and a couple of other things. And of all those awesome choices, Glossybox decided we needed a warming mask. Which is exactly a product I have absolutely zero use for. I'm sure it's not a bad cosmetic. I'm sure it's actually pretty decent. Just for other people. I know my skin. And I know my skin is not going to tolerate it.

I couldn't find the English version ingredients anywhere online just yet (it IS a new product), so translated them AND input them into CosDna. Because I'm awesome like that. Here's the link.

So yeah, the October Glossybox (Korean version) was nothing to write home about. I can only hope that November will be better. Especially since November is going to be my third and final box.


  1. I got the A-true cleansing water in the trial kit I ordered a while ago and I was very underwhelmed… it burned my eyes as well -.-
    I've been thinking about getting an Asian subscription box now that I'm back in Asia but this doesn't look too promising

    1. Are you going to sign up for Blooming Box (or whatever they call the Japanese Glossybox these days)?
      I'm debating it.
      I had tried it before and wasn't too happy with it. But now it seems it's getting good opinions. I'm thinking to give it a second chance.

  2. Z pudełkami zawsze tak jest - pierwsze jest genialne, drugie rozczarowuje, ale i tak zamawiasz następne, bo masz nadzieję, że będzie lepsze, niż poprzednie.

    1. Ehhh... Pudelko listopadowe bedzie ostatnie. Troche szkoda, ale Dowaja jest kaput, wiec nie ma jak zamawiac...


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