Monday, July 13, 2015

The scary world of beauty blogging

First up, I am spewing more of the same more regularly now. Which can mean only one thing.
We're on Twitter now. Yay for me!

I need to get them small, fancy icons ready for easy following and such. But at my advanced age all new technologies can be a bit intimidating.

My week on Twitter was spent diving head first into the beauty twittersphere, or whatever that place is called, where prominent bloggers feel the need to retwit over and over links to their old blog posts. It's boring, it's tiring and frankly, it reeks of desperation. But I guess the struggle to stay relevant and stay on top is real out there. There are only so many press samples and PR events to go around, right?

I am no stranger to beauty blogs, featuring both Asian and western perspective. Though in all fairness and honesty, I've always tried to avoid the heavily sponsored, "I'm a full time blogger" sites, as I feel their opinions are heavily compromised by the fact they make money touting new products and companies.

Of course, there are exceptions, but they are far and few between.
Add to that the fact that many top tier bloggers (or those who delude themselves into believing they are top tier) don't provide clear disclaimers that what they are posting are paid advertorials (yes, most reasonably intelligent readers know it already, but it's the principle and basic honesty that matter) and the waters get even more murky.

The Asian beauty blogosphere is starting to swim in the same murky waters, and as Asian cosmetic companies and retailers are waking up to the PR potential of English language bloggers, the waters are bound to get even muddier. Watch this space.

What caught my attention was a blogger (British mid-tier by the looks of it), who had the balls to actually speak up about the situation. But whether it is a genuine concern and effort to make the British blogosphere a better place, or just an attempt to stay relevant, well, that's anyone's guess.

Though since I'm linking to the post here, clearly, the ploy is working.

I actually found that blog to be quite pleasant. Yes, the products are sponsored, but the content is fun and fluffy, and if I weren't driving to work, it would be something I'd like to read during my morning commute. You know, just to see what's happening on the other side of the world.

Tonight I ended up reading it in the bath instead of my usual materials:

(Yes, I know, I know... smartphones in the bathtub are a really dumb idea.)

It's also interesting to me as a non-Asian beauty blog. And the author did say that:
"Technically speaking tanning is a bad thing and a sign of damage, even though we associated a sunkissed glow with health and radiance."
Love at first read!

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes, the popularity contest of pro beauty bloggers...

On that blog, I also noticed this:
Blogger Ads and Promotional Packages

Holy mother of Batman! Bloggers actually advertise on popular blogs? And popular bloggers charge money for this service?
Sorry, but to me, this is just against the spirit of blogging (though if I were blogging for a living, I'm sure my opinion would be very different). And it made me appreciate those heavy hitters, who very kindly linked to me without financial strings attached.

On the other hand, I am really curious if such paid services really deliver.
And on the other (third?) hand, if I had 25 or 50 pounds lying around in my paypal account, I'd rather order me some more Whamisa or Cremorlab. Or books.

So yes, my week on Twitter turned into a crash course into the ugly reality of trying to stay on top in a very competitive blogging marketplace.

It also made me glad that I am just a small time blogger blogging about small time things with no real aspirations of becoming an Asian beauty powerhouse.

Have a great week everybody!


  1. Aniu
    Co to jest w saszetce z tym domkiem? dostalam z poł roku temu jako gratis, a że tam slowa z żadnym z cywilizowanych-europejskich językow to leży na półce...


    1. Danusiu, wrzucasz ten proszek do wanny i masz natychmiastowy onsen japonski :-)

  2. really nice to see that such honest bloggers like you are still out there. I also have a small beauty blog about Asian products, but its just to share my thoughts , knowledge and fun to engage with similar minded people.I m actually discussed by the blogger who is asking money for advertising and just mentioning your blog, because I always assume that other bloggers are honest when they recommend somebody, will know now (.
    I actually like the Asian blogger community more (than western, for example British) , its not so over the top and infiltrated , I also find more honest opinions.

    Xx Maya

    1. My blog is also to share my thoughts and opinions. It's not a tool to make money.
      But I must disagree with you about your statements about the Asian blogging community. It's just as commercialized as their western counterparts. And just as bad about full product disclosures.

  3. I pride myself on honesty with the products I use, most of them I love as I like being positive but I do share some I don't like too. Found you via #30plusblogs so have dropped in to say hello x

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yes, I've noticed that you are honest in your opinions. That's why I'm following you on IG :-)

  4. Nie na temat, ale co sadzisz o BB firmy Skin79 tak popularnych teraz w Polsce?
    Ania R

    1. Aniu, tez mnie zastanawia popularnosc tych kremow. Pewnie dlatego, ze sa taniutkie i latwo dostepne. Powiedzmy wiec, ze to raczej nie moja bajka, ale co kto lubi.

  5. Fuck, it's tough isn't it? When blogging becomes your everything, I can see why the lines blur and people do things just to get that cheque. But that's such short sighted thinking, and not sustainable at all.

    Oh well! I still don't understand Twitter. I feel at times it's just everyone shouting at each other. Have you tried Snapchat?! That one made me feel like an old lady, Hahaha!

  6. I joined a few FB blogging groups some months ago and there are a couple of them where I was pretty surprised to find the 'blogging as a business' crowd.

    All the posts are about your stats, SEO, DA and how much you can get away with charging for this, that and the other. A lot of yummy mummies where it is their whole life. It was all a bit intimidating for a newbie like me. Now I just observe and think, thank fuck I don't take it that seriously (or indeed, at all at the moment!).

  7. Blogerki serio płacą, żeby się zareklamować na jakimś super-hiper popularnym blogu? Sorry, ale nie. Wolę za tą kasę kupić sobie czekoladę. :D I skrobać dla mojego skromnego grona odbiorców.


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