Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dear Amore Pacific

I know that you visit this blog with surprising regularity, so today I'm going to tell you what I, and hundreds of other fans of your products, think.

So, listen carefully.

The word on the street, or rather, on Instagram is that you already released two new cushions:

  • Iope Air Cushion Matte Finish


  • Iope Air Cushion Intense Cover

Here's proof (courtesy of Agathblog):

source: Aritaum Magazine (March-April 2015)

That is very nice, and I am very happy for you.
It's great that you listened to your customers who wanted more coverage and who are not into Korean glow. That shows you are serious about expanding your business overseas. Why do I think so? It's no surprise to anyone that it's primarily Western women who adore matte finishes and love their heavy spackle.

I'm glad you listened to them and prepared products that will make them happy.
And as soon as I can get my hands on them, I will try them, too. Don't worry, my brutally honest opinion will appear here on the blog, as always.

OK, so it's clear you want to expand overseas, increase your sales in foreign countries and win new fans abroad.

So, I've prepared a few hints to make this process a bit easier for you.

1. Increase your color range.

Us, foreign folks, come in all shades and skin tones.
21 and 23 aren't gonna cut it.

Oh, wait! There's also a mythical shade number 13 (light vanilla), that is impossible to get anywhere outside of Korea.

source: iope.co.kr

It seems to exist primarily on your website, because the few places online that supposedly stock it, do not ship abroad. And the stores that ship abroad deny its existence, even when faced with direct evidence on your website.

It's nice that you thought, well sort of, about lighter skinned people.
Though guess what?
Some of us are even lighter.
N13 is not going to be light enough.

And what about our sisters (and brothers!!!) from other mothers???
There are dark skinned people in the world, too. Plenty of them, in fact. And this shouldn't be news to you, but in case it is - they also use makeup!

Being from Korea, you should be well aware of this fact. And if you're not, just take a look at the American servicemen and women stationed in your country.

You want to expand your sales abroad?
Then remember that them foreign folks come in all shades, from super very light (like me), to dark (like this fabulous cushion lover).

2. Provide ingredient lists in English on ALL products for ALL markets.

I always thought that this one should be obvious, and that only Japanese companies (like SK-II and Shiseido) are that dumb.
Apparently, I was wrong.
You are not exactly the sharpest one of the bunch either, from a foreign consumer's point of view.

You put leaflets in your products with explanations in English, because we, dumb foreign folk, have never seen a cushion compact and thus need instructions how to use it in a language we can understand. Fair enough.

But if you are going to go that far, why not provide INCI as well?

Oh, and while we're at it, there's no mention on there of your mystical N13 and C13 shades?
The production date on the cushion this leaflet came from is listed as December 8, 2014.
So when exactly did this number 13 appear?

Anyway, back to the INCI subject...

I know that some of your brands provide ingredient lists in English in some markets. But why not in all? So if you can print it in English on a Laneige cushion intended for Singapore, or the US, why not for Korea as well?
What are we, in other countries? Chopped liver?
Do you honestly think that only Koreans shop in Korea? Really? Seriously?

Then you should definitely get out more. Take a walk in Myeongdong and see for yourself.

The irony of it is that your cheap brand - Etude House prints ingredient lists in English on their mass market products. Yet your higher end brands don't do that.

Or is this your secret plan for world domination by forcing the barbarian foreign hordes to learn hangul?
Some fans of Korean cosmetics do just that. But the rest of us actually have a life outside of K-beauty.

So, one leaflet, bilingual in Korean and English (yeah, add Chinese in there as well, I know you have to), with full ingredient lists in both languages, please.
You do that, and your sales will increase.
Why? Because there are plenty of women out there that would like to try a Korean cushion, but are afraid to try, because they don't know what's in it. And they are convinced by equally hangul-deficient "experts" out there that Korean cosmetics are dangerous.

If you don't have enough qualified staffers to translate ingredient lists, I can recommend this lady. She does a tremendous service to the K-beauty blogging community. If she can do it, surely a huge corporation like Amore Pacific should be able to, as well.

3. Use uniform color names across all markets.

This one should also be a no-brainer.
But apparently, not to you.
Why, oh why on earth do you change the cushion color names in the US?
You have no idea how much that hurts you.

And finally...

4. Offer the same colors worldwide.

It seems that you are indeed aware that darker skinned people do exist in the US, so you sell darker cushions there. And rightly so.
But guess what???
There are plenty of lighter people in the US, as well. Some are a lot lighter than you may think. It seems you are still stuck in the typical Asian way of thinking that Western women like to tan. Yeah, a lot of them do. But a lot of them don't. And a lot of them are naturally very pale. Very, very pale.
What about us?

I love cushions, but frankly, I'm stuck wearing turtlenecks on days when I want to use cushion makeup.
Offer us a variety of colors worldwide, and your sales will soar.
You won't have to worry about the next western brand releasing a cushion product, because you will be better.

5. Now, go and do it, for chrissakes!  

(And I shall be looking for this pink unicorn of yours. I mean for the N13 cushion.)


  1. ŚWIETNY POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brawo!Podpisuję się!

    1. Niczego ten wpis nie zmieni, ale przynajmniej ulzylo mi :)

  2. Replies
    1. Sie dzis z rana wkurzylam i tak jakos wyszlo :-)

  3. jakby to powiedzieć bajkopisarstwo :)) ehhhh

  4. Nic dodacnic ujac, tez sie podpisuje :) Miejmy nadzieje, ze da to im do myslenia.
    Iwona P z Perpignan

  5. Thank you for linking me!
    Here is hoping they take notice and really listen. They have fans all over the world and they don't all fit into two shades of pale. They are varied shades, all wanting to give their money to Amore Pacific. The only thing standing in the way of that, is themselves!

  6. I am sympathetic to the lack of range in options for foundation shades. I'm very lucky that I have a skintone catered to by makeup companies, but I have friends who aren't as lucky. Companies really need to step up their game. Btw, TGIWholesale's site has the Intense and Matte versions already ($40 USD). It also has the latest version of the Hanyul cushion, which now comes in shades 21 and 23 and a pretty rose gold case. DROOOL.

  7. Dzień dobry,
    strasznie dziwny ton. Niby duża firma kosmetyczna podejmuje decyzje czytając czyjeś wypociny na blogu. Może jednak nie...

    A very strange tone. A supposedly big cosmetic company makes its decisions on the basis of someone's labored blog. But maybe not...


    1. Dzien dobry.
      The tone is called sarcasm. Though apparently, it's lost on you. Probably due to the language difference.

  8. Jeszcze się przez Ciebie angielskiego nauczę, jak nie zaczniesz tłumaczeń puszczać. Więc nie halasuj na poduszki, a propos sarkazmu :D
    A bardziej serio, wolę firme oferujacą 2 kolory niż to co mamy w Polsce. ot podkłady L'oreal. Niby super-hiper dopasowane dla Polek,specjalnie stworzone kolory, a dla mnie z jasną cerą ale ciepłą nic nie ma. Firma Rimmel dla ciepłych karnacji też nic nie ma. Albo idę do Sephory i urocza konsultantka wmawia mi, że moja skóra potrzebuje matu i ciemniejszego koloru, bo w opaleniźnie wszystkim ładniej /sic!/. Gdy się opieram i zdecydowanie żądam jasnego, Pani z uporem smaruje mnie czymś ciemnym a następnie z lubościa stwierdza "nareszcie wygląda Pani jak człowiek" i to nie jest żart.
    Rozpieściła Cię ta Japonia, w Polsce absurdy widuję /i słyszę/ codziennie...

    Ze świątecznymi pozdrowieniami

    P.S. Zazwyczaj nie zwracam się do kogoś per "Ty" ale na tym blogu jestem częściej niż w Empiku więc sama rozumiesz :-)

  9. Nowe poduszki są dostępne w odcieniu 13 na W2Beauty :)

    1. Intense Cover nie istnieje w odcieniu 13, niestety. Matte juz do mnie leci :-)

    2. Rozumiem, że wersja Matte i Intense Cover to jakaś nowość? Zastanawiam się właśnie nad zakupem zwykłej Cover w kolorze #13. Z #21 jestem bardzo zadowolona, ale jest ciut za ciemna. Numer #13 to może być to. A tu jeszcze jakaś Intense cover...

    3. aaaa i nie muszę chyba dodawać jak bardzo wypatruję recenzji wersji matte :)

    4. Lampka, tak nowe poduszki Iope. Zamowilam tylko matte kolor 13. Bo intense cover jest tylko w 21 i 23.

  10. Yes, the sarcasm was lost on me. Maybe my Polish is not as good as I think (!). The company cannot offer the same shades worldwide, it would be a poor business practice (for them, that is). Of course, you will lose a few customers as a result but you will gain those whom you target in specific geographic locations.Win some, lose some, this is Econ 101.

    1. I can't believe that there are people out there (like you, for example) who took my rant seriously. Only goes to prove my point. LOL. Thanks for the lecture though.

  11. Dzięki Tobie zakupiłam poduszkę Verite UV Multi Cushion DX, jak na razie jest WOW :), dzięki za wyczerpującego bloga w tym temacie. Nie dokopałam się niestety informacji na temat tego jak czyścisz tę poduszeczkę do nakładania pokładu. Ten jest bardzo treściwy i konsystencja tłustawa, jakby wodoodporna, nie udało mi się jej doprać, ani wyczyścić przy użyciu płynu do mycia pędzli z Mac. Byłabym wdzięczna jeśli masz jakieś sugestie, bo doświadczenie na pewno większe. Z góry dziękuję za odpowiedź. pozdrawiam Marta

    1. Marto! bardzo sie ciesze, ze Verite Ci odpowiada! Ja piore te pacynki w plynie do prania gabek z Daiso, to taki tutejszy funciak. Nie wiem co jest w tym plynie, i nie chce wiedziec, ale dopiera niemal wszystko.
      Ale po kilku praniach one maja tendencje do rozpadania sie na kawalki. Najlatwiejszym rozwiazaniem jest po prostu kupno nowych pacynek.

  12. Wielkie dzięki za odpowiedź kochana! Marta

  13. Ehh no i ja też przepadłam! Najpierw kupiłam sobie pierwszą w swoim życiu poduszkę Verite. Uratowała mnie, bo już miałam ochotę rzucic w cholerę podkłady, kremy BB i inne tego typu wynalazki. Stwierdziłam, że skoro już mam prawie idealną poduszkę dla siebie(jest ciut ciut za ciemna), to po co szukać dalej, jest dobrze. I dlatego też, wczoraj zamówiłam Iope Air Cushion XP :))
    Mam nadzieję, że sprawdzi się równie dobrze.
    Tak więc, dziękuję Ci, za to, że wprowadziłaś mnie w cudowny świat poduszkowych podkładów!

    Zainteresowała mnie ta nowa poduszka Iope - Intense Cover, ale muszę powiedzieć sobie dość. Przynajmniej na jakiś czas... :)

    Agnieszka O.

  14. Spot on! I refuse to believe that all asian women come in just 2 shades, I refuse. I think korean brands are failing to know their target and don't want to, which is really sad.

    Anyway I hope you could help me, I want to buy the iope cushion, I found the C13 on Jolse BTW, they ship internationally, but there is also shade S22 Shimmer... Which version is that? It really has shimmer in it? I was looking for c23, which seems to be the one that suits me better, i'm MAC nw20-nc25.

    Sugar S.


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